ASHG 2021

*Flagship project

Platform talk: PrgmNr 1345 (11:00 a.m, Friday, Oct 22)

•Phenotype-specific – deeper investigation on genome-wide loci for specific endpoints

•Asthma/COPD (by Kristin Tsuo, Alicia Martin, Platform talk: PrgmNr 1256, 10:00 a.m, Thursday, Oct 21

•POAG (by Valeria Lo Faro, Jibril Hirbo, Poster talk: PrgmNr 2452)

•VTE (by Ida Surakka , Brooke Wolford, Kuan-Han Wu, Platform talk: PrgmNr 1372, 11:45 a.m, Friday, Oct 22)

•Heart failure (by Kuan-Han Wu, Ida Surakka , Brooke Wolford,, Poster talk: PrgmNr 2392)

•Methods – further exploration on opportunities and challenges in functional follow-up based on biobank meta-analysis

•Fine-mapping (by Masa Kanai, Hilary K Finucane, Poster: PrgmNr 2701)

•TWAS (by Arjun Bhattacharya, Jibril Hirbo, Bogdan Pasaniuc, Nancy J. Cox, Poster: PrgmNr 3521)

•Drug discovery (by Shinichi Namba, Yukinori Okada, Reviewers’ Choice Poster: PrgmNr 2294)

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Meet-up at ASHG 2019, Houston, TX

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