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GBMI - Round2 - Project Proposal Process


*Please Note: As of July 2022, we are not accepting new proposals at this time.*

Describe your Proposed Project in a Google document and submit to: <>.​


Please include the following sections in your proposal:

  • Proposal Title

  • Your Name, Institution, Email address

  • Your Position eg: PI/Analyst/Other

  • Biobank you represent

  • Biobanks you collaborate with

  • Background

  • Aims

  • Phenotypes of interest

  • Phenotype definitions

  • QC procedures

  • Analysis plans

  • Distributed vs Centralized analytical work?

  • Is your proposal a single phenotype GWAS or other?

  • Does your Biobank require an IRB to work with and share summary statistics?

  • Data release plans

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